Thursday, 26 November 2015

12th Post

Met with Mr. Allan do ask for some suggestion with our project. He suggested us to use vehicle telemetry to detect the speed.

11th Post

Went and meet up with Mr. Roman and try asking for advice because we are having so much difficulty with the coding of the GPS.

10th Post

Tried so many different types of coding but the GPS was still failed to be read. We might have to change our project.

9th Post

Did our presentation but our progress was not good. Mr. Roman was very unhappy with our work.

8th Post

Chee How and I went to Surplustronics to get the GPS Module.

7th Post

Chee How and I went to the Surplustronics and got our items.

6th Post

Chee How and I are still thinking about what items to buy.